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Boost your team to higher levels while having fun!


Customized Team Building Sessions
TeamBoostology’s three-step approach makes it easy for you to offer your Team a unique, energizing and fun team building session customized to your Team’s needs.
Chat with TeamBoostology

We meet you, the team leader or manager, to discuss your needs and the needs of your Team.

Build a Customized Session

Together, we review your goals  and we propose a session with activities specifically tailored to your needs.

Some areas of focus can include, communication, leadership, team work/team development/boosting, organizational skills, cooperation, awareness, problem solving, decision making, adaptability/planning, trust, social relations, becoming more efficient/collaborative, improve morale and renewed focus.

Whatever your goals, we will help your team get there.

Deliver a Fun, Engaging Team Building Session
TeamBoostology delivers the customized team building session to your Team. Your Team bonds while having lots of fun.



TeamBoostology offers fun yet relaxing arts-based activities.

Customized sessions as short as one hour in duration.

We’ll send your team members all necessary materials and provide your team with a creative activity to shake-up the daily work routine.


Give your team the gift of a TeamBoostology session!

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“The session was so much fun!
It’s amazing how TeamBoostology brought clay into our team building exercises!”

TeamBoostology’s unique Team Building sessions fully engages the participants. Teamwork is achieved by creating, problem-solving and communicating effectively.

Team Building Fun
We believe our team building activities and challenges play an important role in bonding a Team.
Improve Team commnunication
Improve listening skills
We lead participants to think outside the box
We provide a safe environment and foster respect
Loads of fun!


Gilles Gagnon



Gilles studied computer science and worked as a programmer and analyst for companies such as General Motors, the Bank of Bermuda and Peller Estates Winery. After 15 years working for corporations, Gilles started and operated many businesses such as computer manufacturing, computer technical support, video production and web development.  He’s also been a professional musician and music producer.

Gilles unequivocally believes that communication, creativity and problem solving are essential elements of successful teams and businesses.

Wanda Goodman



Wanda has been a small business owner/operator for most of her adult life. She studied child psychology and brings this knowledge to the essentials of team building and group dynamics. Her love of children and adults lends to helping everyone work together harmoniously. In 2014, she broke a Guinness World Record and continues to raise money for SickKids Hospital. Wanda’s interests include cycling, playing guitar, reading or pursuing her love of photography.

Wanda believes wholeheartedly in a quote by Henry Ford “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is a success.”